Frequently asked questions

What do I wear?

A topic that probably concerns many newcomers before their first visit to a swingers club. But even for regulars and the “old hands” of the scene, there is certainly news to be found here.

Like any other club, Swingerclub Diamond is very individual and has its own guidelines for the outfit. Please stick to our guidelines and recommendations, then we will all have less stress and a great experience. We are not a disco or a techno club, and we want to show the difference in our outfits.

Generally speaking, at the MO-DO events you don’t have to be quite so chic, but on the weekends you can be a bit more so, and even overdressed is welcome.

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Recommendations for WOMEN

  • Erotic Lingerie
  • classic panties & bra
  • the (very) “little black dress” is welcome
  • a hot mini, a tight top, bikini, or corsets
  • fishnet dresses, scarf, mini dress, hot pans
  • chain outfits, thong, stockings
  • topless, nude
  • Fetish, lacquer, leather & latex
  • Generally hot, extravagant, costumed
  • Shoes: ballerinas, high heels, pumps, boots, definitely not barefoot!

Swingerclub DIAMOND, 2 Grils

Recommendations for MEN

  • fitted boxer shorts with shirt (classic & chic)
  • nice, plain, no-print T-shirt
  • Black & white is the preferred colour, but not a must
  • long linen trousers with a free upper body
  • Combination with clubwear, a waistcoat or similar
  • Long cloth trousers with jacket (then without shirt)
  • Braces, bow tie or cuffs are always ok
  • Pants/tops made of vinyl, leather or latex
  • Fishnet shirts, waistcoats, men’s skirts, chain outfits or fetish clothing
  • No jeans, baggy skirts or everyday clothes
  • No washed-out pants or towel around the hips
  • Shoes: Boots, booties, Roman sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, black solid shoes and smart flip-flops.
    Definitely not barefoot!

What else is important…

A well-groomed, pleasant & clean appearance. An erotic outfit starts with body hygiene. If you are not sure, you can also pack a second outfit or variations. You should ultimately feel comfortable in your outfit!